Thompson Plastics Group

With effect from August 2007, A&G Moulding has been merged
with the other vacuum forming divisions of the group.
We are pleased to be able to continue the service supplied by
A&G Moulding through our other sites.

Please use the contacts links for further information


Plastics expertise
to help you create a better product

Welcome to the A&G Moulding web site.
The site is an overview of our current areas of expertise and hopefully will give an indication of how we can improve your product with the use of moulded thermoplastics.

All of our products are made specifically to our customer's specifications at our dedicated factory based in Hull, England.

Our small, enthusiastic and responsive team is keen to help you with design, development and manufacture to your exact requirements.

As part of the Thompson Plastics Group, A&G Moulding has the fast, friendly and open approach of a small company whilst having the stability and backing of a large group.

Please enjoy browsing through this site or alternatively contact us.

What we do What we do

What we do

What we do